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HYIP-PROGRAMS.COM is an amazing HYIP Monitor, New HYIP programs, Safe Top HYIP Programs provider,with Validate SSL certificate. We provide the most reliable information accurate Best Paying Hyip,New Top Paying HYIP Site rating of HYIP programs. Our ranking system is based on real HYIP rating given by Hyip investors/visitors and we provide higher ranking for money. High ranked program will became on top of the specific listing section. There are 3 sections at our monitor – Featured listing, Exclusive listing & Standard listing. Ranking will be counted separately for every listing section.

Discussion is one of the important tools for investors where investors can discuss about a specific HYIP. Investors can talk about positive and negative sides of a program or also can discuss about other general talking about a program. For now, discussion area is open for all general investors and visitors. We have not kept any bindings of registration or email verification to post something on discussion board. Please don’t misuse of this tool by posting fake comments or anything which is not related with that program or we have to stop allowing comments/posts from unregistered users. Admin has the ability to delete the irrelevant posts on from discussion board.

Report Scam is one of the most important tools for investors. If you found a program has PAYING status on our monitor but actually not paying to investors then you should post a scam report which will be visible for other investors/visitors also. However, you must have to post the scam report with proper evidence otherwise Admin has the ability to delete fake scam reports. There is a facility to upload screenshots so that you can post the proper evidence of scam report. Your genuine scam reports can save many investors from being scammed at that program and you will also be saved from other scam programs by scam reports posted by others.

If a program was paying Instant but your payout is pending from less than 24 hours on that program then I suggest you to post your comments on discussion board first, and if you’ve not got paid after 24 hours then you can post in “Report Scam”. If you problem get solved after posting then Admin will delete that post (but you can post again if this happens again).

PAYING status means we are getting paid regularly from our investment. If you are not getting paid from that program (which has PAYING status on our monitor) then please Report Scam with proper evidence and we will change the status to PROBLEM/SCAM until you get paid. In some cases we may ask for your username and password to investigate the report. If you’ve got scammed on a program which is not listed at our monitor but has PAYING status on other monitors then you can post it at “Discussion” board of any programs.

WAITING status can be set for 2 reasons, either that program is very new (or new for our monitor) and we have not received any payment yet or may be the latest payout is taking more time than normal paying schedule. If a program was paying Instant but the latest payout is pending then we also set the current status of that program is WAITING.

PROBLEM status means there is a possibility that their status come back to PAYING again. This status can be set when a program is offline or there is some technical error on their member area (ex: withdraw button not working or showing other errors). If the latest payout is taking more time than normal schedule then the status can also be PROBLEM.

SCAM status means it’s confirmed that this program has stopped paying. If the program starts paying again after some days then the SCAM status will not be changed to PAYING or WAITING again.

We can not guarantee that the information about a HYIP is 100% correct. If you think that any information about a HYIP is wrong or missing then please post it on discussion board or contact us.